$18.95 Oil Change Coupon Questions



Q. Can I really get an oil change for $18.95?

A. Yes, if your vehicle takes five quarts of conventional oil and does not require any special filter or oil we will change the oil, rotate your tires, and inspect your vehicle for $18.95 plus taxes.

Q. Do I need the coupon?

A. Yes, we request that you bring in the coupon, if you don’t have a printer we will accept the coupon on your phone.

Q. My car takes synthetic oil, how much does that cost?

A. For many vehicles the additional cost for synthetic could only be $10 or $20 additional, but each engine is different so when you come in ask your advisor.

Q. Does this apply for diesel trucks?

A. No, because of the special oil and filters that are required we can’t change your diesel truck’s oil for $18.95, but we will take the coupon and give you a discount. See your advisor for pricing for your exact engine.

Q. Do I need an appointment?

A. We recommend appointments but we also welcome walk ins, or drive ins.

Q. What is the multipoint inspection?

A. We check under the hood for the condition of hoses and belts, we will check fluid levels, we will also check the condition of your brakes and tires.

Q. I don’t drive a Ford, Dodge, Chrysler, Chevrolet, Jeep, or Ram, can I still get this special price?

A. Yes, we will work on any brand vehicle.

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